We Service What We Sell

The Service and Support Team at PEMCO can provide…

• Startup
• Calibration
• Preventative Maintenance
• On-Site Service
• Flow Surveys
• Training
• Annual & biannual maintenance contracts

Our Service and Support Team can calibrate and verify the operation of  Flow and Energy meters;  Gas Detection equipment; and Level Controls as well as other equipment we may provide.  Our factory trained personnel can startup your flow meter, Gas Detection System, and your level devices, giving you the peace of mind that your system is working within manufacturer’s specifications. 

Just need a meter for a day? At PEMCO we perform factory trained  Flow Surveys.  Point us to the pipe, and our Siemens non-intrusive ultrasonic  meter will give you the readings you need for that one time only project.

Contact the service team at PEMCO. We are ready to help.